MOST Course program (90 ECTS)


Time period – Three Semesters according to rules of each University


Semester 1


Total 30 ECTS

Goal: to give all students a common background on power systems and power distribution, power electronics, communication and economy, with particular reference to what is necessary for the design and the operation of a smart grid.


Semester 2


Total 30 ECTS

Goal: to give students the theoretical and practical knowledge on smart grid design and operation. Each module should focus on smart grid design and development with practical applications. Living Labs and Virtual Smart Grid Lab to be used for testing and developing of communication, control and optimization features of smart grids. Three modules are compulsory (one is an experimental activity with the LL); remaining modules are chosen by students according to their personal preferences. Students mobility is mandatory.

Modules are grouped in such a way that two possible CVs can be identified. One CV is mainly oriented to work with or in utilities, the other one is devoted to Market opportunities. Students are free not to follow suggestions



Semester 3

Total 30 ECTS
Goal: to offer students the opportunity to finalize the activities by writing the Master thesis and to increase the practical experience by working in a company (mandatory) or a research center. Students are encouraged to choose a thesis topic that is related to the stage in the company/research institution.

•    Stage in a company (12 ECTS)
•    Thesis and Dissertation 6 months (18 ECTS)